Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer of Color - Blue

My printer is driving me NUTS!  It's obviously PMS and not speaking to my computer--no way, no how.  Since my printer is an "all in one" it's now an "all in one FAIL".  I now have to scan to a flash drive and then download the picture onto my computer.  Grrrr...  Because I am not big on taking that much time to do anything technical, I have not been posting my art lately.  Said art has consisted almost exclusively of zentangle swaps.  I LOVE to zentangle--there is a finished project quick!  Just my style.

When Kristin at Twinkle Twinkle blog announced she was hosting a "Summer of Color"  I knew I had to jump in.  A push was needed!  Every monday she gives us "the color" and the sky's the limit from there--at least that's my interpretation.  Any sort of art, any sort of medium.  And the bonus of it all is that there are prizes (I LOVE prizes!!!) in the form of art supplies (I LOVE art supplies!!!).

It's free to join in the fun!

The first weeks color was blue.  Hmmmm.... not a color I usually choose to work in.  Oh yea, the "push", right.  Hey there's that blue page in the journal that I made--sounds like a great place to start.

There are stacks of ephemera in my studio that I don't ever use because "I really should get it color copied"--that way I could use it in multiple pieces of art, right?  Well, having put the PRO in procrastination, it never gets copied or put into art.  "Push".  I opened up one of those children's books with such amazing bright colors and cut right in.  What a rush!  A sense of freedom!  Scary!

Paint, glue, papers, stencils, markers, glitter & dirty hands.  So much fun.  Thank you to Kristin at Twinkle Twinkle blog for the push.  I'm looking forward to 9 more weeks of COLOR.


  1. This is just wonderful! I love it and am so happy to have you playing along. If you'd like, you can post this direct link to the others (at the bottom of the blog post) for your chance to win this week's giveaway which is based upon the types of things you are wanting to do for the event. The blue posts actually start next week (but I've started on mine too ;) so you can link this again for a chance to win the blue week giveaway which begins next week. Thank you for finding us on Facebook - looking forward to more of your beautiful work, Kristin xo

  2. Hello??? how come you never told me you had this blog?
    very cool, missy....

  3. Great quote and love the art :)

  4. this is wonderful..i did a journal for the bloe but forgot to post it..i did a couple of ither things so all is good...this is the song i have sung to all my babies to get them to sleep...maybe this is why they all love to sing...who knows...this is amazing and you you have inspired me to do a green journal one that i will remember to post...thanks for the inspiration and the lovely memory...take

  5. Wonderful Fun!!! Love your colour choices - love the whole page actually!

  6. Haha, you made me laugh. I feel the same way about my printer, though I do talk to it, loudly and with very bad language.