Friday, November 12, 2010

One Dozen Houses

What a learning experience these little houses have been.  Working small is not so easy!  Every layer presented challenges in media that I don't usually consider when I'm working in my journals.  Also, the sturdy watercolor paper that I started out with, was not nearly sturdy enough.

The back ground--aka "foundation" has gesso, watercolor pencil, watercolor crayon and water soluble oil pastels.  I used stamps, stencils and rubbing plates as well as my favorite form of application--my fingers!
Next came building the houses.  I used an old book and cut free form houses & roofs.  Then decided they needed some white wash.  Really?  I actually painted all the little pieces.  They, of course, stuck to my work surface (still there!).  Then I had to go back and do the smart thing--paint the pages and then cut house shapes :-)
I also did the landscaping.  Painted the inside of envelopes--you know, the type you get your bills in.  They have the first layer of texture already down.  These were painted with acrylic wash then stamped with gesso.

What? I have to wait for them to dry?  But I'm not so good at waiting...

Next, a bit of color for the houses (and more waiting...)

Maybe another coat of fixative?  The watercolor crayons are coming up and the paper is starting to disintegrate.  Hmmm... that helped a bit.  More decoration with markers & gel pens.  How about a little mod podge to really get it all glued down?  That helped--but it also smears the gel pens and the 'permanent' marker.  

Finally.  A finished product that I really like!

I'm looking forward to sending them out to my swap partners!

Next project... Butterfly Swap.  Only one person to send to, but I'm already experimenting with different ideas.  Not as many layers this time for sure!

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