Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall is a time for letting go.

I love this saying.  I know there is more too it, something about "like the trees dropping their leaves..."  The leaf prints were made as samples while I was teaching for Renaissance School at Camp Waskowitz outside of North Bend.  The kids enjoyed the project and I loved helping them out--I'm only sorry that the teacher, Ms. Kane, broke her foot in order for me to get the opportunity.  Back to the process... the leaves are done with a watercolor & dish soap printing method.  Then I tore them from the original sheet and adhered them to the background.  The background was made from a left-over paint wash and then rubbings with watercolor crayons.    Added a bit of graphite water soluble pencil around the leaves and then sprayed with fixative.  I tried to do the wording with the graphite pencil as well, but didn't feel dark enough so I went back in with a marker.  Final touch was white gel pen dots.  It still doesn't feel quite finished, but it probably will be!

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